Thursday, 12 January 2012

Quotes of the day

I've been following the Leveson inquiry as well as marking and attending a school meeting. In case you've missed them, there have been some jaw-dropping gems from the editors of the Daily Star and the Daily Express:

On the sources of Daily Star stories:
We don't just lift stories from the Mail website and put them in the Star... without at least checking them.
So that's alright then. 

And then there's the Express editor explaining why his newspaper withdrew from the Press Complaints Commission:
He says one of the reasons for withdrawing was because it failed to stop the paper publishing defamatory articles about the McCanns.
"Because of the McCanns I think that was a huge problem for us and I think they should have intervened … no one was intervening at all. Everybody had too much leeway, it just went on and on," 
So to be clear: the Press Complaints Commission is useless because it didn't stop his paper publishing numerous libellous articles, leading to them being convicted in court and having to pay out huge amounts of money. Stop me before I kill again!

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