Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Chez Vole

I didn't do much over Christmas. Lounged. Read books. Ate a cow's weight in cheese. Occasionally dragged myself out of the house for a walk. In case any of my dear family (yet another sister got engaged this Christmas) are reading, here are a few pictures of the old homestead and environs.

I like the demonic eyes on the second Santa

'…so sweet and so delicious'.

I spent a long time trying to photograph ducks. What a waste of time: my 50-200 f/3.5 is useless in twilight. If you loved me, you'd buy me a Nikon f/2.8 400mm. A snap at around £6000-9000

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Some Chilean Woman said...

Sounds like my kind of Christmas. I don't think the last duck picture is a waste of time, I love that the duck flying is in focus and the others aren't. Jesus loves you, hee hee.