Friday, 9 December 2011

Merry Christmas, Proles!

The semiotics of David Cameron's Christmas card are fascinating.

Of course his children are in it: privacy is something you wield as a weapon, and break when you feel like it. It's nice, though, to see Cameron kicking back in the kind of clothes he wears at home, rather than the rather downmarket clobber he's forced to wear in public because his advisors don't think that Lord Liverpool is a role model the public can relate to.

The union-flag painted child is intriguing. I didn't know that the UK had a team playing in the Nativity, but clearly the Camerons have found someone to cheer on. I'm guessing it's Herod. More worryingly though, they seem to have borrowed Will from The Inbetweeners to pose as Cameron's son.

Clearly there are similarities: one's also a confused and uptight spoilt brat slumming it amongst the proletariat in a derelict public sphere. The other one's a fictional character. The only remaining question is this: which one is really the Briefcase Wanker?


Adam said...

Vole: political opinions are not the product of breeding. There isn't a Tory gene, just as there isn't a Trotskyite gene or a Lazy Union-Loving Bastard gene. For that reason ad hominem attacks on the children of politicians never play well... just saying.

Merry Christmas!

ed said...

What they're all looking at is an illegal immigrant on her knees, crying her eyes out, begging to be allowed to stay in the UK.