Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's what she would have wanted…

Thatcher's death is (hopefully) nigh, though I've been saying that for years. For some reason, the government wants to give her a state funeral - the last non-royal to get one was Winston Churchill, and I don't think grabbing the Falklands back from the people you stole it from in the first place is quite up there with liberating Europe.

So there's a petition to the government:

Thatcher state funeral to be privatised
Responsible department: Cabinet Office
In keeping with the great lady's legacy, Margaret Thatcher's state funeral should be funded and managed by the private sector to offer the best value and choice for end users and other stakeholders. The undersigned believe that the legacy of the former PM deserves nothing less and that offering this unique opportunity is an ideal way to cut government expense and further prove the merits of liberalised economics Baroness Thatcher spearheaded.

I would suggest that the lowest bidder wins the gig, in keeping with school food provision and other formerly-public services. I volunteer to do it for free. All I'd need is a wheelbarrow and directions to the nearest closed coal pit.

Sign it now.


Anonymous said...

Where can I sign?

The Plashing Vole said...

Click on 'a petition' above.

Grumpy Bob said...

Perhaps she ought to be composted. I really cannot see why she deserves to be honoured with a state funeral, except that the current crop of Bullingdon Boys worship her.

Anonymous said...

The fact that my taxes are paying people like you (over 60% and counting) makes me weep. Yet you are still alive and not only breathing, but being paid by this god-forsaken state.

And no doubt you 'lecture' undergraduates on your vision of the true life? That is how the BBC or Guardian sees it.

What a disgraceful example you are to all the great pioneers, engineers, medics, physicists, military leadrs et al that have gone before.

Hang your head in Marxist's shame and shut up you miserable Welsh twat.

The Plashing Vole said...

Well, anonymous:
1. your taxes aren't paying for 'people like me': your government abandoned state funding of humanities education, which rather proves my point.

2. Sadly, the BBC and Guardian don't 'see it' as I do: I'm leftwing. Only you and your friends on the Daily Mail think those institutions are liberal or leftwing in any way.

3. I'm not sure why you're invoking engineers etc: most of them thrived on state education at all levels and undertook state-funded projects.

4. Not sure what 'Marxist's shame' means: perhaps you should have another go at apostrophe use before you criticise an academic. In between brainwashing students, I show them where apostrophes go.

5. Sorry you descended to racist abuse: I always think it implies you've lost the argument.

6. I'm not Welsh. I've just made the effort to understand a little about Welsh culture.

7. Are you Ben?