Monday, 12 December 2011

Fame at last

Anyone else massively depressed by this?

I sincerely hope that the company responsible has miscalculated the public's egotism. I presume that most of the pictures on photo-booths are acquired by paying models. This, however, assumes that 'being glanced at cursorily while customers look for the coin slot' equates to 'fame', and that people would actually compete to be used as free advertising. Sadly, a glance at the associated Facebook page suggests that the population is deeply susceptible.

No doubt the lucky 'winner' will be young, female, white and scantily-dressed.

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Sinéad said...

On the plus side, if the winner's mug-shot complies with passport regulations, you won't necessarily be able to tell whether or not she (cos you're right, it'll probably be a she) is scantily clad... so it's a win for feminism!