Monday, 14 November 2011

Why so quiet?

What a hell of a day teaching - clashing schedules, absent colleagues, complicated week = chaos. I managed to bore myself 90 minutes into my medieval literature class, so Christ alone knows what the youth made of it. Then straight into a class on new media: the students appeared to have vaguely heard of digital media, but preferred not to express and opinion either way: very difficult to talk about social capital, apply theories of community or discuss what it's done to notions of time and space when nobody seems to care either way.

Ah well. To cheer you up, another contender for worst cover version of all time: Bing Crosby doing 'Hey Jude'. You've got to listen at least until 3.13. I don't like most of McCartney's songs, and I feel sorry for him at this stage.

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