Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tune in tomorrow

Lots on tonight and tomorrow. Mostly cleaning tonight, sadly, and hoping Stoke City put the recent run of bad results behind them.

But tomorrow - after a flat inspection by the landlord and a meeting about our absurd system of fining people for allegedly not using teaching rooms - I'm on the panel for another fine Guardian Higher Education debate, this time on integrating research and teaching. Or in my case, failing to integrate the research I'd like to get round to doing into the teaching I do rather a lot of.

Post questions now, and it'll be live 12-2 tomorrow, though I'll be a little late thanks to meetings.

I apologise for the advertisement. DO NOT buy Peter Kay's DVD. It will be very poor indeed. You can while away the hours trying to work out why a reggae artist thinks that 'Lecturer' is a good stage name. Here's 'Lecturer Riddim', which I believe I've always had.
And on that note, I'm off home to gnaw on a pig's leg I prepared earlier.

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