Friday, 4 November 2011

This is how the week ends: not with a bang, but a whimper

Well, my neat list of things to do today failed immediately.

The lettings agent who was meant to inspect my flat at 11 turned up at 11.30. She took pictures and carefully didn't listen to my (short, reasonable) list of problems with the flat. So I had to take her hostage.

That meant I missed my pre-meeting meeting. And then my meeting. But I did make it to the Guardian Higher Education live chat about balancing research and teaching. And despite Music For Deckchair's teasing, I was thoughtful, calm and reasonable. Probably. I managed to juggle that with marking a Shakespeare online forum. They were very impressive, though I will give them a hint: this is a quarto and this is a Quattro. Try not to mix them up again.

After that, it was a deeply unpleasant plunge into the swimming pool after a couple of weeks away - not a joyful return, but after doing drleehw's survey on self-image and eating habits, I decided to skip the usual Lard Sarnie for lunch and do some exercise instead. No doubt I'll feel the benefit later in life, but right now I'm mostly feeling bitter and resentful. Good job it's the weekend.

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