Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fighting your corner

Thousands of students are converging on London to speak up for the poor and young who want to better themselves.

Except from The Dark Place:
London Demo 2011: Find out why we're not supporting it, as we present our Alternative to the National London Demo...
They're putting on a Question Time debate tomorrow (I'm on the panel), but I have to say that this is disappointing. Sometimes, mass numbers on the street focus the minds of the public and politicians in a way that polite letters just don't.

I do worry about our SU: it's under the thumb of the university executive and seems to have lost all confidence in asserting the rights of its student. They've got shiny offices and ranks of computers, and seem to think that that's enough.

We have 23,000 students: 99% working-class, 45% mature students: exactly the kind of people who are already suffering. Their voices should be heard.

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