Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Blue remembered hills

Hurrah! My reward for being in the office for 11 and a half hours yesterday (and back in 10 hours later) is a day out: a field trip to Shropshire's Land of Lost Content, no less. It's a barkingly mad place, half museum, half junk shop. I can never tell whether it's hugely reactionary (there's a strong whiff of an idealised British past) or unsettlingly radical through its obsessive, seemingly unselective piling-up of the kind of things a more staid establ
ishment wouldn't collect: odd board games next to a vintage telephone exchange, uniforms and bed pans, the lot. Even the website is rather retro - perhaps accidentally so:

There's certainly an air of determined Tory individualism in the owners' bloody-minded individualism, and of the Daily Mail in their racial insensitivity: the Black History Cupboard is  simply disgraceful, but there's also something anarchic about an undiscriminating collection of disposable - and disposed - items. I also love the name: what an excellent pun. It will be fascinating to see what the students make of it all. Pictures later.

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