Wednesday, 27 July 2011

This is what an angry man with a brain can do

Yes! Someone's posted Will Self's virtuoso onslaught on the mush of platitudes which pass as politics and regeneration. So here it is.

(I'm a little bit guilty: I've volunteered for the Olympics. I feel compromised, slathered in disgusting branding and now doing my bit to efface East London's grimy, messy, lovely culture.  Ah well, a man alone can't solve the world's riddles).


Ewarwoowar said...

I'm not sure I like this blog post.

In fact, I find that this whole imbroglio is epiphenomenal, quite frankly.

Benjamin. said...

I was about to post about this, watched it live last night in awe. He is deadly serious at all times even when joking with a smile as sinister as the Yorkshire Ripper's.

My favourite line: ’40, 000 jobs? I could do more with 9billion’. And he could as well.