Thursday, 28 July 2011

This Charming Man…

No, not Morrissey, but expenses-cheat Jonathan Djanogly MP (Tory, obviously), who employed private detectives to spy on his own constituents - including using deception to gain information! 
Mr Djanogly paid detectives £5,000 to monitor his constituents covertly, The Daily Telegraph revealed…Mr Djanogly, the Conservative MP for Huntingdon, employed the firm Morris Chase International to investigate his constituents after The Daily Telegraph published an article about his expenses.  
The private detectives’ report was sent to his office at the law firm SJ Berwin, where the MP worked until 2009. In the report, the detectives admit using subterfuge to gain information.
Astonishing. Not content with the authority, power and respect afforded (still) to Members of Parliament, they're so paranoid, suspicious and vicious that some of them imagine that it's acceptable to actually run intel on ordinary citizens. It's been downhill for Huntingdon for centuries: Oliver Cromwell was from the town (MP for 1628-29, later MP for Cambridge); succeeded rather later by John Major, and now this execrable lowlife.

Mr Djanogly is now a Minister in the Justice Department

I wonder if Mr Uppal is doing the same thing to me. I can just imagine their reports:
Day 1. Target went to work. Typed sarcastically. Bought books. Shouted at Newsnight.
Day 2. Target went to work. Typed sarcastically. Bought books. Shouted at Newsnight.
Day 3. Target went to work. Typed sarcastically. Bought books. Went swimming. Investigator receiving counselling for trauma. Shouted at Newsnight.
Day 4. Target went to work. Typed sarcastically. Bought books. Shouted at Newsnight.

Ad infinitum.

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