Tuesday, 12 July 2011

They're trying to tell me something

I've just noticed that my own institution marks mail from my own institutional account to my junk folder. Which is charming.

The twin tenterhooks of my day are the ongoing News of the World story, and wondering how many 10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged CDs will turn up at the office today. I intend to give them out as prizes. Which reminds me that I owe Ed my spare Emyr Humphreys critical anthology.

I'm whiling away my day playing bullshit bingo. 'Going Forward' appeared quite early on, causing massive damage to my attention levels. I have learned something though: academics can get away with some desperate rubbish when talking to lay audiences. It's inspired me to pursue a media career.

Talking of which, here's some good news.

1 comment:

ed said...

I won? Huzzah! Thank you Vole. This is probably the only time my enthusiasm for watching people pick their noses will be rewarded.

I still frequent the Hegemon - should I maybe pick it up from your office?