Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scenes from a farce

The News of the World hacking saga has reached a Select Committee in Parliament, where they're investigating the brilliant job not done by the police. One of the gems was this exchange:

Michael Ellis, a Conservative, asks Hayman to confirm that he received hospitality from people he was investigating in relation to a criminal offence. Hayman says that's correct.
The MPs on the committee seem to find this surprising. Hayman regards that as normal. He says it would have been odd if he had cancelled the dinner, he says. Operational matters were not discussed.

Imagine the scene, perhaps a cosy Bistro in the East End:
'More Barolo, Fingers?'.
'Don't mind if I do, Piggy. And have a cigar'.
'You're a gent, Fingers'.
'Mind if we talk a little shop, Porker?'.
'Fraid not, old boy. Not while I'm investigating you for that nifty little bank job last week'.
'Ah well, fair dos. As long as we don't 'ave to cancel our little slap-up feeds in the meantime. Dinner's on me, by the way'. 
'Mind how you go, old son'. 

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