Thursday, 7 July 2011

News of the World: Well Ahead Of You

I've had this SOGAT, NGA, AUEW Boycott Murdoch mug on my desk for several years, hailing from a sadly lost age in which trades unions were important. I'm now feeling quite smug (and open to offers).

Meanwhile, did you listen to the Today show on Radio 4 this morning. I was quite taken by the advertising executive Nicola Mendelsohn, who described her children as a 'little focus group' who are marvellous consumers of advertising (from 2 hours 45 onwards). Bill Hicks clearly didn't die in vain then.

The piece was a sob-story about the challenge facing advertisers when we all hate adverts, attached to the withdrawal of advertising from the News of the World. As you can imagine, the tears were rolling down my face as I imagined her dossing down in her Porsche Cayenne, an iPad for a pillow.

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