Friday, 1 July 2011

More faces of evil

J30 Special: Here are some more of the terrorists the Daily Mail warned 'parents' about (as though no parent is a public sector worker, parent of public sector workers, or descended from public sector workers). Captions are satirising the Mail of course.

That would be the newspaper which blamed us teachers for a girl's death today. That's right. 'Because' we were on strike, she sat under a tree. 'Because' we were on strike, the branch broke. 'Because' we were on strike, she died.

I wonder how the parents of this poor girl feel about the way their daughter's death has been used, and note that no reporter would actually put his or her name to this disgraceful piece:

Full set here: click these to enlarge.

Look at her evil smiling face… bet she's some kind of anarchist communist poisoning innocent children's minds

They can't even march straight

Another child lost to Satan

Ugh! Modern Art!

Celebrating the downfall of British Values!

Some of these strikers wear nice clothes! How dare they complain about their pensions!

Dreads. Brown skin. Happiness. Everything the Daily Mail fears!

He only looks innocent. Inside he's a cauldron of hatred for Middle Britain

Look at her grinning altruistic face! Burn her!

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