Friday, 4 March 2011

Rochdale welcomes the English Defence League

A crowd of racists are planning to descend on Rochdale at the weekend, as if that town hasn't suffered enough. Do turn out for the counter-demonstration, or at least read Ben's excellent piece on why the EDL are bunch of unpleasant fantasists.

They infest the West Midlands and Stoke to a very unhealthy degree, though their recent Luton event was a ridiculous flop. The plain truth is that not only are they too stupid to develop a convincing narrative for their problems (it's much easier just to blame Muslims), they're too stupid to understand that turning up in depressed towns, abusing the locals and smashing up a few shops while giving Nazi salutes isn't the way to persuade anyone.

Just to be clear - because I'm aware that EDL-types have difficulty with multisyllabic long words:

You are scum.
The vast majority of the UK's population are far too intelligent to fall for your lies.
You make the BNP look like the master-race, and they're poisonous, vicious, incompetents.
Muslims and immigrants didn't make your areas horrible: capitalism did, and you've helped.

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Anonymous said...

One-syllable translator

[90% successful translation]

"You are scum.
Most Brits are too bright to fall for your lies.
You make the BNP look good, and they are shit, mad nobs.
[?Towel-heads] and [?not-from-round-here] didn't make your areas shit: the Queen did, and you have helped."