Monday, 21 March 2011

Out and about

I've been too busy to blog today - so much work (thanks to the 5 great students who came to class and talked about Cwmardy this afternoon: I really enjoyed, sod the rest) and planning for the strike on Thursday.

At the weekend, the Map Twats had a day out, at long last. We started at Macclesfield's finest pie shop (mmmm hare and venison and pheasant in one package) and headed along the canal, up Sutton Common overlooking Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope on the Cheshire Plain, along Wincle Minn and Bosley Minn, taking in ruins, prehistoric monuments, sheep and pubs along the way. It was a beautiful day. Lambs gambolled, and kestrels, larks and curlews frolicked around us as we wended our way from ridge to ridge. I'm still aching, to be honest. Here are some pictures - click on them to enlarge, or see the rest here.

Shutlingsloe and clouds

You can take the boy out of the The Dark Place…

Top quality dry-stone walling

Shutlingsloe bathed in sun

Rust tanker

Don't fence me in…

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