Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fred Goodwin is a Wanker

I am of course abiding by the terms of the super-injunction revealed under parliamentary privilege. The man who bankrupted the Royal Bank of Scotland through greed and hubris - and therefore also tanked the British economy, won a court injunction preventing journalists from referring to him as a banker.

In a secret hearing this week Fred Goodwin has obtained a superinjunction preventing him being identified as a banker," said Hemming, the MP for Birmingham Yardley.

Oops. I'm in trouble now.

Super-injunctions stop publications even mentioning that they've been injuncted. Mmm, smell that petty curb on free speech. What a fragile ego this destructive, arrogant, selfish and incompetent parasite must have.

Our taxes paid for a judge to sit and listen to this, and then rule that nobody should ever call the ex-banker a banker ever again, and that the court action should be a secret. What a farce.

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The Plashing Vole said...

I thought Ben would be the first one to point that out. Well done.