Monday, 7 March 2011

Add another tyrant to the list

Stephen Harper is the only man on the planet who thinks George W. Bush is a role model, and that the United States' approaches to capitalism (let 'er rip) and the environment (who needs it?) are admirable.

Unfortunately, he's the Prime Minister of Canada. He's the fellow who found a loophole in Canada's political system and just suspended parliamentary democracy for months on end whenever it was in danger of outvoting him.

He's done something rather Gadaffiesque now: announced that all official communications will no longer refer to 'the Government of Canada' or 'Gouvernement du Canada', but instead talk about 'The Harper Government'.

George Orwell would be proud. I think this is what the Canucks have to look forward to.

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Sinéad said...

I always figured Canadians were a little suspect. They're just too perfect to be real. I don't believe that it's healthy to be that inanely happy all the freaking time. I felt like there was something very sinister lurking just under the surface: a lot like being in Stepford...

On the other hand, maybe Col. Harper is just taking a pre-emptory step for history students of the future and making it easy for them to quote from official government documents without having to use those pesky square brackets to distinguish between various administrations? Again, with the painfully constant consideration of others' feelings!