Monday, 8 November 2010

A simple test of character for Mr Uppal

There's a very simple Bill being presented to Parliament on Friday, the Public Bodies (Sustainable Food) Bill.

A Labour MP is proposing that hospital food conform to minimum health standards (I know, isn't it amazing that it doesn't already?). Joan Walley is being supported by MPs from all parties. The catering suppliers say it won't cost any more than the swill they serve now (I'm not sure why they aren't already providing healthy food if that's true). At the moment, children can be given food which would be illegal if provided in schools - low on vitamins, high on fats.

It's a Private Member's Bill - i.e. they're rarely given time for discussion, and a single MP can end the whole process by shouting 'object'.

Let's see if Paul Uppal lends his support, or even bothers turning up. Who knows, perhaps he'll be the government lackey told to object'.

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