Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Say "cheese" and look caring

Ferdinand VI had Amigoni.
Jahangir had Bishandas.
George III had Bourgeois
Charles I (England) had van Dyck
Charles III and IV of Spain had Goya.
Henry VIII had Hans Holbein.
Charles V had Titian
Philip IV had Vélaquez.

David Cameron has Andrew Parsons and Nicky Woodhouse.


David Cameron's personal photographer and film-maker. They used to be paid by the Tory Party, and now they're paid by the taxpayer, because obviously every government needs a court artist, especially in the midst of a deep recession.

Parsons takes propaganda pictures like this (and if he objects to me reproducing it without a fee, he can sod off. I've paid for it through my taxes):

I'm sure all the public servants losing their jobs will recognise that some people are more deserving than others.


Benjamin. said...

Possibly the worse picture taken due to the reflection in the mirror showcasing the PR team waiting in the wings and what is Cameron drinking? A latte in a pint glass? Hand on hip, staring at nothing in particular whilst his baby daughter frightfully looks at her mother with the air of a trick or treater meeting their impending doom.

Benjamin Judge said...

I love this picture. The partly drunk pint of Guiness that hasn't actually settled is a perfect visual gag on Cameron's man-of-the-people facade. The family pose with a PR crew in the mirror, a nod to his management of the media. The elbow poised over the faded red flag suggesting his leaning on new labour policies. The awkward hand on hip gesture a bastardised Vulcan greeting. The dress, I may be mistaken on this one, looks like the one Sarah wore at one of the "we must all cut back" speeches around the time of the annoncement of child benefit cuts (it is a very expensive dress), and there she is wearing it and shouting at a child. Perfect.

This is satire of the highest order. Are we sure Andrew Parsons isn't working for us?

The Plashing Vole said...

As everyone points out, it's so utterly fake. Only the Daily Mail could love it.

The other story is that Cameron's also made his Webcameron film-maker a civil servant too…