Thursday, 11 November 2010

Poor people's violence is different…

David Cameron was overjoyed by the student violence: it meant he could spend the interview time condemning it, rather than deal with the issues. Violence, he says, is 'unacceptable'.

I agree. There's nothing more despicable than anonymous, disguised students running wild and going on orgies of pointless, selfish violence.

Let's remind ourselves of what Call Me Dave was up to when he was a student, shall we?

Each year, he paid around £10,000 for membership of the Bullingdon Club. He'd dress up in special silly clothes (another few thousand pounds) and go on sprees of drinking and smashing. Because the club had a reputation for destroying restaurants then buying the owners' silence with wads of cash, the club had to go under false names to book rooms.

David Cameron was among drunken posh yobs who vandalised a restaurant, it was claimed last night.
The Tory leader has always denied taking part in the attack by the Bullingdon Club, the elitist Oxford University student society.
Mayor of London and Cameron's fellow Old Etonian Boris Johnson, below, admits he was part of the mayhem.But a former club member says the idea Cameron was not there on the night in 1987 is "ludicrous", claiming he "sprinted off" when others ended up in the cells. The idea someone just went to bed early! I mean, come on... " the Financial Times blogs reports him as saying.
He adds: "Details have been kept a closely-guarded secret by the group of old friends. A policy of omerta has descended on the Cameron episode."

Clearly upper-class violence is a jolly jape, whereas political violence is despicable. Or am I missing something here?

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