Thursday, 18 November 2010

Phone Phun

Wow. I'm getting a new office phone. It's got rubber buttons with numbers on them, a mouthpiece and earpiece linked by a handle, and a screen which shows the university directory.
As you know, the remaining legacy telephones will be converted to the new IP telephone network toward the end of November. To prepare you for this switch, two short (90 minutes) training sessions have been arranged on Monday November 22nd from 10am – 12 noon and 2pm-4pm. Spaces on each course are limited to a maximum of 16. Places will be allocated on a first-come basis.

There must be a lot more to it: I spent less time than this on my teaching qualifications (as you can probably tell). I explained the complex theoretical approaches available to students of The Tempest in only a single 90 minute session. I must rush to secure my place on this essential course.

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