Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nice guys finish 5th

Cynical Ben, my Popular Culture Correspondent, mailed me this morning with hot news (literally: it's from Heat magazine, which I've never opened).

According to that other pillar of respectable society, Mr. Chris Moyles (an inexplicably popular radio announcer), my doppelgänger David Mitchell (and not the very good author) is 5th on the Weird Crush list. Moyles is upset: the porcine ego is a mere 18th, and he feels that Mitchell 'looks like a puffin'.

The attractive Puffin

The 18th weirdest crush in Britain

Mr. David Cameron is 24th on the list.

So there you have it. I'm either more attractive than these characters, or it's much weirder to find me attractive than them. I'm not sure what the metrics are, but obviously I'm vicariously pleased for Mitchell (or mini-Me, as I think of him).


Benjamin Judge said...

Actually, thinking about it, John Torode was 24, just beating Greg Wallace at 25. Cameron must have been 23.

Anyway, congratulations, Heat readers find you attractive... if only in a crap way. It is one better than the rest of us.

I think.

Maybe not.

Who cares eh?

The Plashing Vole said...

I don't think I know any Heat 'readers'. Anyone care to explain it to me?