Monday, 8 November 2010

Nerdy road trip

A bunch of us went to the Liverpool Biennial on Saturday. My only previous experience of that great city was turning up in the dark at 7.30 at a sports hall and leaving (utterly defeated) in the dark at 7 that evening, so I was quite excited.

We didn't see that much of the city, so intent were we on seeing as much of the Liverpool Biennial as possible, but I was seriously impressed by the centre, other than Liverpool One, a shopping complex which involved making 40 acres of publicly-owned space into corporate, anti-democratic space.

Some of the art was very impressive indeed. Some was utter, utter rubbish. One installation I really enjoyed was a Belgian artist whiling away his time in a featureless, constricting box. I wondered if this was a comment on some of the art I'd had to experience on the way to his corner, including the 'twig with a piece of wire and chewing gum'. We saw a lot of 'art graffiti' and fascinating temporary repurposing of empty department stores'.

I had a great day, until the point where we discovered a man urinating in the corner of the pub.

Anyway - here are some pictures, and a sample are below - click to enlarge.

Ken Dodd and Neal, Liverpool Lime Street Station

He's just a big kid

The joys of consumerism

Old meets pointless

Albert Dock
Unfortunately, the TV weatherman's floating map of the British Isles has been removed.

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