Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Korean takeaway

Anyone else bothered by today's little spat between North Korea and their southern cousins? I'm not - it's a nasty flare-up, but it won't lead to serious conflict.

What I actually like is North Korea's gloriously dated approach to public relations. No leaking from them. No subtle, nuanced hints. Just a poetic threat of apocalypse from a man with an ironic title:
"If the South continues its dangerous behaviour, Seoul will be the next target. It will be a sea of fire," said Kim Myong-chol, executive director of the Centre for Korean-American Peace.
Such uncompromising style. Got to admire their refusal to engage with running-dog Western capitalist diplomatic discourse. They're ronery, so ronery…

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intelliwench said...

"...won't lead to serious conflict."

From your blog to the US Dept. of Defense's ears. I'm afraid someone will get the brilliant idea that the US needs to go and "stabilize" the situation.

Peace on Earth and all that jazz...