Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Just a taste of the Tory future

Last Friday, Joan Walley's Public Bodies (Sustainable Food) Bill was debated in Parliament. The aim was simple: to make food in hospitals, amongst other places, healthy and sustainable. At the moment, the food served to children in hospitals would be illegal if given to them in school. Even the food industry said they had no problem with the proposals. 

So what happened? Tory Scum MPs shouted 'object' and that was that - it's all you need for a Private Member's Bill, as opposed to a government proposal. 

Why would they? It wasn't going to cost anything, and would directly contribute to the recovery of the ill. It's just another mean-minded attack on the vulnerable, just like the recent decision to give control of health, diet and obesity legislation to, er, Pepsi and their friends in the junk food industry (and even more detail here).

I would suspect my dilettante Member of Parliament, selfish plutocrat Paul Uppal, of being amongst the cabal, except that the debate was on a Friday: his 'working' week seems to finish rather earlier than that of the rest of us. Meanwhile, he's up to the usual, asking another pointless and probably self-interested question which is wearily dismissed by his own minister. 

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