Monday, 22 November 2010

It's OK Paul, don't wear yourself out

Saturday saw the massed cohorts of liberals and antifascists contain the threat of the English Defence League Nazis as they tried to march in The Dark Place.

One notable absence was one Paul Uppal, who is apparently MP for The Dark Place South West. Clearly he's content to allow these Nazis to march unopposed, or thinks that it's not his job - as senior elected representative for the area - to lead opposition to racism.

There's a fairly bullish report of the day's proceedings here - this bit amused me, as a Stoke City (Potters) fan:
The police held them away from the public, while they waited for their West Bromwich coach which got most of those remaining back in time to end their afternoon in further unhappiness as the Potters gave the Baggies a hammering. The handful remaining were escorted away by police.

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Benjamin Judge said...

The second paragraph of this post is possibly the silliest thing you have ever written.