Wednesday, 17 November 2010

For Ed

Ed reminded me in the comments that I've not gone on about my music collection for quite some time. So in his honour, I'll get back to it.

As far as I remember, the next band in my alphabetical trawl is Bon Iver (yes, we're only up to B, after all this time - and I've been missing out the odd tracks here and there).

You probably know Bon Iver - spectral neo-country folk-rock from somewhere in the US. Not hugely innovative, but they've got a way with production and structure. I like the muted and melancholic sound they make. Today the rain's coming down and it's dark and gloomy - Bon Iver (particularly For Emma, Forever Ago - a name which reminds me of The Field Mice) really suit my mood.

Live, they're not so wonderful. Because the music is so dependent on pinpoint harmonies, the live performance becomes a test of their craft - you wouldn't expect anything unexpected, so to speak, whereas I like a band that has some fun on stage.

Here's 'Team', which I love for the bass line, and 'Stacks' because it's so beautifully melancholy (which basically does it for me most of the time - wait until we get on to The Paradise Motel in about 3 years).


ed said...

Loving 'Stacks' Vole. Reminds me a lot of the few Rogue Wave tracks I've heard; at least in terms of their melancholy folkiness.

Too much snare on 'Team' though. But then, snare really bugs me.

Aside: I almost bought 'Pavement' tickets yesterday, but fortunately realised before ending said transaction that the tickets were in fact for Heaven 17's 'Penthouse and Pavement' tour. Phew. That's the kind of mistake that scars you for life...

Emma said...

Live? As in Throwing Copper?

The Plashing Vole said...

Ed: Must check out Rogue Wave. I like snare though.
Emma: Eh? What?

The Plashing Vole said...

Heaven 17 back together? Astonishing.