Friday, 12 November 2010

Education cuts: keep on fighting

Don't get fooled into thinking that you've done your bit by protesting on Wednesday and now it's time to accept what's happening.

The education cuts are part of an all-out assault on the the kind of country the British have built. The poor and the vulnerable are being abandoned to the cold wind of free-market capitalism without benefitting from the positive aspects (did you know that FTSE 100 directors' pay went up 45% this year?).

Fight the cuts and fight the ideological attack on education as a public good. Protest when other groups - workers, the unemployed and the sick - are attacked.

Join the next wave of student protest on Wednesday 24th November. Sign the petition. Even - if you must - join the Facebook group. Don't just fade away.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Vole,

Seeing as you mentioned the Facebook, perhaps you could send this petition link to P. McDonald of Walsall? He has about 5000 friends on there I think, so if you could convince him to post it on his 'wall', his celebrity power sure could help.

Respectfully yours,
Mrs. John Murphy