Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dancing while Rome burns

Vince Cable - who should be quite busy given he's the Secretary of State for Business - has found time to appear on Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas Special.

This is wonderful news. A government minister who is personally responsible for a full-frontal onslaught on the poor and hard-working - and publicly promised to abolish student fees but then more than doubled them - is offering himself up for judgement on a low-rent game show. It's a bit pathetic, but it's the closest we'll get to a referendum on him.

So - I suggest a boycott of his dances. Everybody switch off every time Nero Vince steps onto the dance floor. Don't vote for him: imagine the screen as the display flashes up a big fat zero - or perhaps 1 from his wife.

Can you imagine Stafford Cripps, Attlee, Disraeli or Gladstone taking time off from governing to do this? Especially in a time of hardship?

Let the mockery commence.


An increasingly annoyed Benjamin Judge said...

I can't imagine Disraeli or Gladstone on Strictly Come Dancing. But then I can't imagine any other people who died before the invention of television appearing on television either.

I really, genuinely cannot see what point you are making here Vole. The traffic light story was odd too. Are you getting enough sleep?

At the moment you are doing the 'vicar trick' i.e. you are saying

"I saw a thing occur/heard about a famous person/saw a tv show today and (insert vaguely amusing comment here) But then it made me think about Jesus and (insert sanctimonious comment here)"

If you replace the word 'Jesus' with the phrase 'futility of the capitalist construct to bring happiness to the world's populace' then you have the formula for an increasing number of your blog posts.

The Plashing Vole said...

Well, you've missed my humorous angle, or my point, and you shouldn't be getting annoyed anyway. Life's too short.