Monday, 18 October 2010

Stirring the pot

Can't let Tory Scum rest for a moment. This has gone to the Chief Whip in the vain hope that he might be concerned about his MPs misleading the Mother of Democracies

Dear Mr Uppal,
I wrote to you some time ago asking whether you'd reported to the police your suspicion that you were the victim of electoral fraud - you have not answered. 
I note that you informed Parliament (15th September 2010) that 'I must choose my words carefully, the case is currently being investigated by the Electoral Commission'. According to correspondence with the Electoral Commission, they have not and are not investigating electoral fraud in the constituency. They informed me that they investigated an 'error', and that the investigation was closed with your agreement, some months ago. They have written to you to remind you of the facts. 
I have also been informed by the West Midlands Police that no reports of electoral fraud have been received, that no investigation is being pursued and that nobody has been charged with this serious offence. 

1. Could you explain why and how you came to make this untrue statement to the House of Commons?
2. If you are convinced that you have been the victim of electoral fraud, why have you not reported your suspicions to the police?

Yours sincerely, 

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