Friday, 15 October 2010

Roll up for the greatest spectacle on earth

Olympic ticket prices are up. What a shocker, although there's a certain ironic justice in some of the prices.

For instance, anyone who wants to watch the dressage is a rich toff or Jilly Cooper, so £275 seems a fair way to redistribute the wealth. Similarly, if you think beach volleyball is a sport, or if you're just a cheesy old pervert, £450 is what you should pay to watch the finals (cheapest ticket is £95). The Athletics 'super-final' goes up to £725! Disgracefully, it's £100 cheaper to watch the women's basketball final as it is to watch the men's. The football's relatively cheap: £185 for the men's final, £125 for the women's.

Opening ceremony - up to £2,012 and the closing ceremony, £1500?

I'll be going to the fencing - £30-95 for the finals. What will you be coughing up for (apart from everything, via your taxes)?


Ewarwoowar said...

Cheapest ticket £95?! The final £450?!

What an absolute disgrace. And I think you'll find womens beach volleyball is very much a sport, jam packed with talent.

The Plashing Vole said...

It's easy to sport a real sport:

1. It's not done to music.
2. You can't do it while smoking.
3. It doesn't have a maximum costume size.

You might be able to break one of these rules (e.g. you can smoke without ruining your snooker break, and possibly ice-dancing though I'd ban it), but beach volleyball has annoying music breaks every two minutes and a maximum cossie coverage rule.

What's wrong with, well, volleyball?