Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Proud of the BBC

Ewar stuck this on his blog, so I'll do the same. Even if you have little taste for Mitch Benn's comedy rock, it's a public service message. The BBC has had some dark moments (going back to Lord Reith's decision to put the BBC at the government's service [p. 14] during the General Strike of 1926, its connivance with censorship and blacklisting via the 'Christmas Tree' system at times) but its cultural impact is huge, and massively in its favour.

90 years of quality radio and TV across a multitude of formats, serving virtually the whole community for £140 per year, guaranteed no adverts? Bargain. Don't let the Tories spoil it.

PS. This track, 'John and Marsha' was banned in the 1950s, after being played for weeks. Can you guess why?

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