Friday, 15 October 2010

Phasers on stun

Hello campers. Enjoying the countdown to the weekend? We're only 28 hours from the Star Trek Marathon on an obscure freeview channel. At least, you are: I'll be doing bloody cultural stuff that's good for me, instead of goggling at Kirk's overacting, Scott's Scottish-Canadian-Los Angeles accent, admiring Hikaru Sulu's fencing technique, mimicking Chekhov's accent, raising my eyebrow like Spock and admiring Uhura's communications skills.

Oh well. I've got the original series on remastered DVD and the entire Buffy run - for work purposes, naturally. In tribute though, here's Urusei Yatsura's 'Phasers on Stun'. A classic in my world.

Last night, I went to see Stewart Lee in the company of many friends and quite a lot of our students. The support act was Simon Munnery: funny in parts. Lee was exactly what I wanted - a very clever man with a routine which was self-lacerating, intelligent and highly reflexive. His 'thing' is to explain what he's going to do, comedy-wise, do it, then explain what he's done - he even spent time on a gag satirising his own deconstruction of his routine.

Oh, I can't explain. Here's some Stewart Lee. He's funny and miles more intelligent than us.

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