Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday conundrum: eyes look your last.

Simple. Given a choice, what would like to see as your eyes close for the last time?

For me, it's Stoke lifting the Champions League trophy. OK, too flippant. Perhaps rolling Shropshire hills, a William de Morgan tile, a medieval painting, the sea smashing against rocks. Loved ones frantically moving my lifeless hand over a legal document. The scratched interior face of the coffin lid.

I don't know - so many options. Over to you.


Emma said...

Shannon Estuary from the air on clear autumn day
Van Gogh's La Nuit Etoile
Liverpool being relegated to Football Conference League.

Anonymous said...

The 93rd floor of World Trade Centre 1. Wait...

Ewarwoowar said...

One thought immediately came to mind, but it's far too rude to put here, I'm afraid.

So instead I'll have to say the Cubs winning the World Series.