Monday, 4 October 2010

For sale

I accidentally ordered 2 copies of the same book, at huge expense.

So if anyone would like to buy Eisenstein's The Printing Press as an Agent of Change in the single-volume edition, let me know and we'll do a deal. The used copy cost me £27 and the new one £47. Damn it.

To make me feel better, I also got a reprint of Green Lantern, Green Arrow vol. 1 (from the 1970s Silver Age rebirth), Berry's Shakespeare and Social Class, and Dominic Sandbrook's new one, State of Emergency, The Way We Were: Britain, 1970-1974, which is the year before I was born. There seems to be a huge vogue for 1970s histories at the moment - looking back to an earlier period of cultural and economic decay. Hope it's up to the standards of Francis Wheen's masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

Don't trust 'Life on Mars' fans... there's something unnerving about people feeling nostalgic for police brutality.

The Plashing Vole said...

I am in total agreement!