Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Crying wolf once more

Yes, Paul Uppal MP just can't let it go: despite the Electoral Commission telling him there's nothing to investigate, despite the police finding no case to examine, my useless and narcissistic elected representative is on about electoral fraud yet again - and getting slapped down by his own side once more:
To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what steps the Government are taking to reduce the level of electoral fraud by personation.

Mark Harper (Parliamentary Secretary (Political and Constitutional Reform), Cabinet Office; Forest of Dean, Conservative)
The available evidence suggests that current instances of personation are relatively low.
But don't worry: he hasn't forgotten the interests of that other important social group: poor, weeping landlords. Housing benefit is being cut massively to make the poor suffer. Uppal clearly doesn't give a damn for them, but he is worried about the profits of the rackrent landlords (did I mention that he's a property speculator?) who might find the indigent pay up late…
To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government whether his Department provides support for landlords dealing with tenants in receipt of rent allowance who fail to pay their rent.
I see. The government should be subsidising or helping landlords. That's very fair. The Big Society in action. After all, the landowners and their rentier associates are the real victims here.

Hello Paul: started Googling yourself, I see: 
194.60.38.# (Houses of Parliament) 
Search Wordspaul uppal)


cartermagna said...

I found your blog whilst googling Paul Uppal and I've now finished reading your posts (so far) on the current member for Wolverhampton South West.

While there will be a great many things I disagree with you about, this grasping grasper of the highest water will not be one of them.

I was half way through writing a post about him when I arrived here yesterday and you've stolen my thunder damnit! ;o)

I'm hoping to get my post finished either tonight or tomorrow and when it's done I would be grateful for your perspective as a left leaning type of chap.

Best regards


cartermagna said...

Hello again.

Let me know what you think of my take on Mr Uppal's first few months in office.

Best regards

Carter Magna