Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The view from the Metropolis

Sometimes I despair even of my beloved Guardian. I was annoyed a few years ago when it declared gastro-pubs 'over', before one had even opened here in the Land of Pork Scratchings. Yesterday's (otherwise positive) review of the Super Furry Animals' gig similarly got me.

Especially this bit.
The reunion marks the 15th anniversary of their Welsh-language album Mwng, and a mid-set four-song slab of its experimental accordion jazz and Pink Floydish echoes feels an indulgence.
OK. So a band whose members speak Welsh as a first language, singing some of their Welsh-language songs in Wales to a Welsh audience on the anniversary of those songs' first release is 'an indulgence'. I see. Or rather I don't, because I don't assume that I am the intended audience for absolutely everything because I'm from London.

Luckily the Super Furry Animals have a song for that and it's not in Welsh so the reviewer will understand it perfectly.

Meanwhile, have a track or two from that 'indulgent' album.

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Phil said...

Brilliant album, too, even though I only understand a word or two. I must admit that when I read they were touring to mark the 15th anniversary of Mwng I assumed they were going to be doing play-the-album-straight-through gigs in the now fashionable way. The idea that playing four songs from it is self-indulgent... bah.