Friday, 22 November 2013

Poetry corner

As a brief respite from my usual spleen, have some of my favourite poems. 

Some Ginsberg:

Burton reading RS Thomas:

Some Edna St. Vincent Millay

Copland's setting of 12 Emily Dickinson poems:

Got to have some John Cooper Clarke:

and of course Pam Ayres even though she has taken the advertising dollar: I fear this poem presages my future.

And in another mood entirely, here's Simon Armitage's 'Poem'. I can't find a reading of it, which is a shame, but here's the whole bittersweet text:

Frank O’Hara was open on the desk
but I went straight for the directory.
Nick was out, Joey was engaged, Jim was
just making coffee and why didn’t I

come over. I had Astrud Gilberto
singing “Bim Bom” on my Sony Walkman
and the sun was drying the damp slates on
the rooftops. I walked in without ringing

and he still wasn’t dressed or shaved when we
topped up the coffee with his old man’s Scotch
(it was only half ten but what the hell)
and took the newspapers to the porch.

Talking Heads were on the radio. I
was just about to mention the football
when he said, “Look, will you help me clear her
wardrobe out?” I said “Sure Jim, anything.”


Dyddgu said...

So many years listening to Simon Armitage on the Mark and Lard show as an impressionable teen means it doesn't really matter there wasn't a recording of 'Poem'... *sniff*

The Plashing Vole said...

I loved Poetry Corner on Radio 1. We shall not see its like again… This particular poem always gets to the students once the penny drops.