Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hot Air for Uppal

I wrote to my MP about the UK Government's 'relaxed' attitude to environmental emissions and climate change, asking him to vote for a legally binding carbon target as part of the Energy Bill. As expected, he sent me a long, disingenuous letter which claimed that The Market Will Provide.

New stats are out. UK emissions rose by 4.5% last year, even in the depths of a recession, and without counting emissions outsourced to China and other manufacturing centres. We've missed our 2011 renewable energy commitment and have no chance of meeting our 2020 targets.

Cue another weary letter to Mr Uppal, complete with statistical sources, with no serious expectation of a meaningful response.

Dear Mr Uppal,thank you for your reply to my letter about the legally binding carbon targets.
Could you reflect again on this issue, given that the UK's emissions actually rose by 4.5% in 2012 (without counting 'outsourced' emissions), and the assessment that the UK is 25th of 27 EU member states in renewables contributions, is the only country which failed to meet its interim targets, and is calculated to miss its 2020 target set out in the 2009/28/EC Directive, otherwise known as the RES Directive?

What specific steps will the government take to address these two failures?
Hugs and Kisses,Plashing Vole.

Despite this - can I ask you all to write to your MPs along the same lines?

Oh yes: here's his latest Parliamentary humbug:
The hon. Gentleman is making some partisan points, so I want to add balance to the debate. I have been poor—dirt poor. I used to share my bedroom with my siblings and cousins. By modern descriptions, I would have been classified as homeless. His main argument is about foreign capital coming to the UK and London. Does he not think that that is symptomatic of people recognising that we have a Government who are making credible decisions and creating financial stability?
Not sure whether I should weep or laugh. 'Credible'? With borrowing sky-high, deficit reductions postponed to 2018 and the poor getting poorer and poorer, under a government determined to evict anyone with a box room and clear London of the labouring classes, while reducing taxes for the millionaires (he's too modest to mention that he's a millionaire, from property speculation). He is utterly despicable.  

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