Thursday, 14 March 2013

Your daily charlatans

Got this very spammy email today.

Are On-Line Comments or Bad Reviews 
Destroying Your Reputation?
It is vital to remove them because 83% of people who are about to book YOUR service will "Google" you to see what people are saying about you and if you have just one bad review
You WILL Lose business!
So if a disgruntled client or someone who is just being malicious puts a bad review about you or your company you need to get it removed. FAST!
We can do this for you. Guaranteed!
Find out how we can remove your bad reviews and protect your on-line reputation!
Please PRESS HERE and we will send you more information about our service.
Reputation Protectors
"The On-line Reputation Defenders"
This is a B2B communication. If this is sent in error please accept our apologies
So what these people are promising is censorship – a service many PR firms sell their clients too. Unlike PR firms though, these muppets are so professional that they have a Yahoo free email address: '' although the link goes to another free address.

So let's see how good they are. Reputation Defenders: you are rubbish. Nobody should ever use your service, particularly as you are SPAMMERS and probably just phishing for personal details.

Let's see them remove that!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just another type of SPAM. Whoever this is has either some click-through deal, or they want to put spyware on your computer.

Ignore it.