Wednesday, 29 August 2012

These people are the official representatives of one of America's great parties

Before we begin, an historical footnote: the Republican Party was founded in 1864 and soon joined by Abraham Lincoln to unite the disparate anti-Confederate, anti-Slavery forces in American politics.

Today, delegates to the Republican Party's National Convention behave like this:

An attendee to the US Republican party convention was removed from the conference after allegedly throwing nuts at a black camerawoman from CNN, saying "this is how we feed animals".

and like this - towards members of their own party, apparently for being, well, Latina:

Not to worry you, but the gap between the candidates is currently 1%. I'm not that bothered that Mitt Romney wears special religious underpants and believes that Jesus visited America. I am bothered that his party hates women, believes weird things about their biology, promotes the most vicious forms of capitalism, thinks it's OK that a Presidential candidate keeps his millions in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland etc - he wants to run the government, not contribute to its maintenance - and believes that electing representatives whose faces contort with racial hatred is apparently fine.

(Puerto Rico was seized by the US at the end of the Spanish-American war. It's a dependent territory, essentially an offshore possession in which citizens can't vote for the Presidency but do have an elected governor).


vanjar said...

A commenter on YouTube had the following comment:
"Ron Paul delegates were attempting to submit Paul’s name for the GOP nomination. Some of the states that had a majority of Paul delegates were not being recognized so Paul supporters attempted to contest the decision. Their requests were not recognized by the chair, so they began chanting “Seat Them Now!” Romney supporters began chanting “USA!” in an attempt to drown them out. Minutes later the same thing happened when House Speaker John Boehner was at the podium. Nothing against the lady.."
I'm not sure if there was a racist intent, but their behaviour was definitely rude and disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

The youtube comment does seem to be correct. Here's a longer version of the clip:

The Plashing Vole said...

Thanks for the clarification, you two. So they're not racist in this instance - just boorish.