Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm Jen Rhee, so Jen Rhee, so Jen Rhee inside…

Odd email today:

Hi [Vole],
I came across your site while searching for resources related to ‘Mac Rumors’ and noticed that you had referenced their site. That said, I wanted to reach out and share an interactive graphic that my team and I created which takes a closer look at the lifecycle and true cost of an iPhone. Would you be interested in taking a look?
I'd love to get your readers' feedback as well as yours!
Thanks, Jen R.
Strange because 'Jen Rhee' had managed to find my real name and real university email address, yet couldn't write a sentence which doesn't sound like a Bulgarian laboriously translating sentences from a 1930s English-Latvian phrase book.

The idea that she'd appreciate my readers' feedback implies that she hasn't actually read any of your comments. Does she really want Ewar's views on anything? (Except Anna Kournikova, his specialist subject).

Anyway, a quick wander round the internet reveals that Ms. Rhee and her friends have been pretty active, sending similar 'infographic' offers to all and sundry. It seems that infographics are the latest 'link bait', used by unscrupulous search-engine optimisers to drive traffic to their spammy sites. We're all savvy to the random links posted as blog comments, fake Twitter accounts and so on, so the SEO scum have turned to circulating pretty images which are actually links to spam sites.

I have an infographic for you, Ms. Rhee:

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