Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coming Up

Well, today's lecture was… interesting. I had an audience of precisely one person, which must be what giving an Oxbridge tutorial must be like. Thanks to a projector failure, I couldn't use any clips or images, so instead we had a detailed, thoughtful and very enjoyable discussion. Respect to my student for not running away when given the chance.

Anyway, there are two events here tomorrow which you might like to attend. At 1245 in MC315, Pete Webb of Cambridge University is giving a seminar on Anarcho-Punk and Crass: Examining the Political and Social Milieu of Underground Punk (which follows on nicely from today's session on postmodernism and subcultures), while at 6, internationally-esteemed poet Fred D'Aguiar will be giving a reading and talk.

Here's some Crass, 'Securicor Cares'.

Here's a clip from a documentary about Crass:

Crass were literate, witty, angry, politically-engaged anarchists. But a lot of the songs are pretty much unlistenable. So here are some excerpts from Jeffrey Lewis's nu-folk album of Crass cover songs.

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