Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Books Bonanza

I've spectacularly fallen off the read one/buy one wagon: 26 books in the post today.

Most of them came in one box, and consist of a collection of beautiful early 1970s Penguin paperbacks: 15 Graham Greene novels, two Laurie Lees, a Steinbeck, two Salingers and an American Dylan Thomas collection.

I got them in return for a modest donation, from the North Staffordshire Special Adventure Playground, a fine institution which needs your money to keep providing play and social activities for young people with physical and mental disabilities. It's in Stoke - that alone is reason enough to hand over some cash.

The rest are two problematic Philip Roths (reading a student's dissertation prompted me to get my own copies of The Breast and The Dying Animal); Keith Roberts' The Lordly Ones (I've almost completed my collection of everything he wrote); Peter David's One Knight Only (which this review suggests is a dubious 9/11 novel), the sequel to Knight Life, a satirical gem in which King Arthur runs for mayor of New York: this time he's the POTUSA. Finally, a free copy of Jandt's Intercultural Communication: Identities in a Global Community - for consideration as a class text.

Ah well, on with the marking. I was briefly saved by a chat with my associate dean about Marx, religion and immanence, and a social call from two of my rather brilliant final-year students, but now duty calls.

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Imaginary Friend said...

Glad to see they arrived. Happy reading!x