Thursday, 15 March 2012

Time for a Plan B, Mr Cameron

I'm not a huge rap fan, to be honest. In fact Ben says my music collection is the whitest in the country. My sum total of rap and hip-hop records is: 1 Credit to the Nation CD, some album Ben bought me as a satirical gesture, and a couple of Tystion albums. If you haven't come across them, they're white and Welsh. You might laugh, but the Welsh language lends itself to rap very impressively.

So you might be surprised to learn that I'm quite a fan of this track - Plan B's Ill Manor - a real return to the lamented protest song genre. Can't say the music does a hell of a lot for me, but I hugely appreciate the sentiment. He's angry and he's been reading Owen Jones's Chavs. Sorry about the ad at the start: Plan B may be advocating social revolution, but Warners Music doesn't see why they shouldn't make money from it. Don't buy the single. Send Plan B a fiver instead.

Of course back in the early days, protest and proto-rap were made for each other: here's a couple of old favourites which some of you will know very well, but others may not have discovered.

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Oldgirlatuni said...

I too love this track - takes me back to a time before Simon Cowell. And, that can only be a good thing.

Have you come across Scroobius Pip? Fantastic use of language, and catchy rhymes. I'm currently enjoying Distraction Pieces, and I think it's well worth a listen. Even for a middle class, middle aged Old Girl!