Monday, 19 March 2012

Occasional spelling tips for students.

I get the manner/manor mistake frequently in student essays. I also got it in an email from Wiggle Cycles today:
and all manor of other material manipulation to build the sexiest frame designs possible. 
They want me to spend £4000 on a bike. A: bikes are good, or bad, not 'sexy' or 'unsexy'. B: Why would I trust them to put together a bike if they can't put together a sentence?

Happily for Wiggle and my students, I have a handy illustration designed to aid differentiation between 'manner' and 'manor'. It's by 14 year-old artist Freya VanEvery of Canada, to whom I owe my thanks.


Ellesar said...

Only Cockneys are supposed to say 'my manor'! I am surprised that a young Canadian knows about a manor, though I guess it is used in the upper class context, which never occurs to me.

Ellesar said...

It took me a whole day, but I just thought that you could tell them that need to exercise their demons!