Thursday, 9 February 2012

Uppal: will it all end in disaster?

Obviously Uppal's career is going to end disastrously, but I'm worried about me, tonight. The last time I had to stand up and utter condemnation to a public figure, it was pathetic.

Our previous Vice-Chancellor had managed, through her and others' incompetence, to lose us several million pounds by deceiving the government. She told us she took 'full responsibility' and that 150 of us would be losing their jobs, none of whom would be those responsible for the error.

I then stood up and told her that she and her executive team (her: £240k per year, them £100,000+ pa) should resign in disgrace. It should have been delivered in the stentorian tones of Proletariat Militant, an earth-shaking moment of denunciation and disgust.

Instead, because I'd had flu all week and had lost my voice, it came out in a whispery croak like that of an asthmatic ghost, and I had to repeat myself several times before she even understood my words. The response, needless to say, was 'I feel it's my duty to stay and put things right'.

I can feel history repeating itself. I want to tell Mr. Uppal to 'stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once' (that's Macbeth, kids) and for him to feel my righteous wrath. Unfortunately, I'm off to the dentist shortly and the anaesthetic may not have worn off by 7.30, in which case he'll see a scruffy fat man drooling inaudibly and pathetically in public, then sobbing in pain as the drugs wear off. A bit like this:

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